Year 6 children to be published in the book A Twist in the Tale – Fabulous Adventures

We are thrilled to announce that four of our Year 6 children are to have their original short stories published  in the forthcoming book A Twist in the Tale – Fabulous Adventures.  The children took part in an after-school creative writing club, and their work was chosen by the Young Writers Publishing Group to be included in the book.

A Twist in the Tale – Fabulous Adventures will be published on 14th April 2023.

Imperial War Museum

Year 6 children enjoyed their visit to the Imperial War Museum. The trip tied in with the children’s learning about World War 2 and allowed the children to see examples of primary sources and other artefacts related to the war. It was also an opportunity for our children to recognise how the impacts of war can affect many people.

Quad Kids

During summer term 2022, the most talented athletes from years 3-6 took part in Quad Kids Athletics at Jim Peters’ stadium. They competed against hundreds of children from other schools in the borough and had the most fantastic day. 

They did Roding proud, and we are excited to be taking part in Quad Kids 2023!