Celebrating Autism Awareness Week at Roding

Children at Roding Primary School took the opportunity to learn and celebrate Autism Acceptance Week.  This national event aims to bring understanding to the 700,000 people who have autism in the UK, whilst providing help and services.  With the theme for this year being the Spectrum Colour Challenge, children enjoyed wearing their boldest colour to show their support and understanding.

Children from the Harbour enjoy a visit to the shops

As part of the Harbour children’s learning for the topic ‘We are going shopping,’ they visited some local shops to find out which type of products were available at the shop.  They then used money to pay the shopkeeper, as well as using their polite manners to say ‘please’ and ‘thank you.’  The children had a fantastic experience by looking at ways in which we can communicate within our local community.

Road Safety Assembly

This week, the children at Roding Primary School were visited by the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham’s Accident Prevention Officer for a talk about road safety. Children were reminded about crossing roads safely, as well as wearing helmets when using bicycles, scooters or skateboards. Children were also told that using electric scooters is illegal within the borough.

It was a very informative talk and we hope that children will be able to share what they found out with their adults at home.

Year 6 Hewett Children Get Scientific

Our Year 6 children from our Hewett site had an excellent day visiting the Science Museum on Tuesday.  They were able to see many artefacts from the scientific world, including historic artefacts that led the way to the scientific advancements which we have in our world today.  Our children even had the opportunity to see the nearby Royal Albert Hall.  It was a fantastic day.

The children from our Cannington site will be visiting the Science Museum in the upcoming week.

World Book Day 2023

On Friday 3rd March we all celebrated World Book Day. In class we did lots of fun activities linked to reading and we came in dressed as various different book characters. We held special assemblies so that we could see everyone in their amazing outfits. Thank you all ( and indeed parents/ guardians) for making such a fantastic effort on this very worthwhile day. We all had a great day!

Florence Nightingale Workshop

This week Year Two had a special visitor – Florence Nightingale! This was part of their history work on famous people. As you can see, all the children had a fabulous time learning about her life and work.  They all throroughly enjoyed the experience, with some of them reporting that this had made their learning even more fun!

International Women’s Day

At Roding Primary School, we are celebrating International Women’s Day with each year group carrying out learning based on an inspirational woman who has bought positive change to the world.  The theme for this year’s International Women’s Day is Embrace Equity, and our children have enjoyed doing the action whilst developing their understanding of what equity means.