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Roding is a 6-form entry primary school, catering for children aged 3-11 years on two sites that are approximately 0.5 miles apart.


Children are placed in mixed ability classes that presently range from 27-30 in size. Children with special educational needs are supported largely within the classroom and parents are kept up to date on their child's progress (for more detailed information please go to the SEND page of the website).


The children at Roding benefit from two extensive sites, both with substantial fields, playgrounds and gardens; all classrooms are equiped with interactive technology. Children are based at one site, but from time to time, they may move between schools to take advantage of events and facilities (e.g. theatre groups, football matches, etc.). 


On both sites the main office is immediately inside the main entrance door. All visitors report to the school office. All other entrances are locked once the school day is underway.


The History of Roding Primary School

Roding Primary School is named after the River Roding which flows through Barking to the Thames at Barking Creek. It was the centre of the fishing port of Barking. The fishing smacks (boats) were mostly owned by the Hewett family and numbered 220 vessels with 1760 crew in 1850. They fished off the East Anglian coast.

Samuel Hewett was famous for coming up with the idea of using ice houses to preserve the fish as they were shipped into London. The road that the original school is located on is called Hewett Road to commemorate the family.

The fishing port declined when trains were invented and used to ship fish quickly into London from Great Yarmouth. The Hewett family also relocated to Great Yarmouth. There is still a pub in Great Yarmouth called the Barking Smack.

In 2008 we were asked to expand to meet the growing needs for pupil places. As the Hewett site already accommodated 2 schools we were given extra land in Cannington Road, 10 mins walk from Hewett Road. Whilst the extra site was being built, we started to admit children at a temporary site in Halbutt Street. The Cannington site opened in September 2010 and the extension was opened in September 2013. At 6 forms of entry Roding is one of the biggest Primary schools in the country.


Hewett Road Site

Roding Primary School Hewett Road site shares a site with St Teresa's Catholic Primary School. Until 1992 the current building was shared by both schools, with St Teresa's site being Roding Infant school. When Roding Infants merged with Roding Junior to make the Primary School, St Teresa's moved to the northern building. The school field is still shared, as is the kitchen.


On Hewett Road site there is a large nursery, two halls, libraries, a large dining room and resource/art/cookery/technology/meeting rooms. There are excellent outdoor learning facilities for all age ranges. All classrooms open onto a closed veranda, which surrounds a large, well kept quad including a outdoor classroom and our two chickens. 

In September 2018 the site suffered a major fire; following the rebuild we now have new facilities including break out rooms, additional library pods and a new outdoor learning area. Please take a look at the rebuild process.


Cannington Road Site

On the Cannington Road site there is a large nursery, two halls, music/dance studio, dinning room and dedicated art/DT, dedicated science/food technology, computing technology, library, meeting and resources rooms. There are excellent outdoor learning areas accessible to all age groups. Most classrooms open onto playgrounds as well as internal corridors.