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The breakfast club is open daily at the Cannington Road site from 7:30am and provides your child/ren with a nutritious breakfast in a safe and comfortable environment. They will also be given the opportunity to interact with school friends, read books and play games, whilst being supervised by trained staff.

Children should be escorted by an adult to the school dining hall via the Junior Playground entrance from 7:30am, your child/ren should not be left unaccompanied before this time. Some other important points to note are:

  • Entry is not permitted after 8:15am.
  • A weekly fee of £15 is payable, regardless of the number of sessions attended (including if your child/ren are off sick).
  • One week's fee is to be paid as a deposit to secure a place.
  • Fees are to be paid by Monday for the current week.
  • Payment of fees must be made using ParentPay online. PayPoint cannot be used.
  • One weeks' notice to leave the club must be given in writing.
  • Non attendance and/or non payment will result in the place being offered to the next person on the waiting list and your deposit will be retained.
  • Breakfast club staff must be advised immediately of any changes to medical or contact details for you child/ren.
If you attend an Adult Learning Course, you may be eligible for assistance in paying for your child/ren to attend breakfast club. Please ask your Adult College for more information.