Autism Awareness Month

Each April is Autism Awareness Month.  At Roding Primary School we have shared a range of stories, videos and held assemblies to raise awareness of autism and celebrate the many people who have diverse needs across all ages.  It is really important for us as a school that our children recognise and feel empowered to be part of a neurodiverse community.

On Friday 19th April 2024, we wore our brightest clothes to fit in with the theme of Our Colour Spectrum Day.  It was a great day, and we will continue to celebrate and understand neurodiversity throughout everything that we do at Roding Primary School.

Visit from BMX Champion Mike Mullen

We were really excited to have a visit from the BMX Champion Mike Mullen. Mike held a special assembly with our Key Stage 2 children in which he showed them some of his amazing BMX tricks as well as talking to the children about having a growth mindset in order to overcome any obstacles or difficulties in life.

Mike then worked with some of our year 5 children to teach them different stunts and tricks. Our children thoroughly enjoyed the day and were very inspired by Mike’s message.

Ramadan Club

Roding Primary School takes pride in being an all-inclusive school. One of our Roding values is being respectful. As part of our curriculum we learn about different cultures, languages, religions and traditions. We introduced Language of the month a few years ago and highlighted some of the languages that some of our students speak. This is our way as staff and students together to show respect to each other regardless of our differences. At Roding we believe that it’s a very valuable lesson to learn for all of us as a community and especially as a school.

Last year in the spirit of Ramadan, looking at the number of Muslim student that we have at both of our sites, we took the initiative to start a Ramadan Club for the kids. Ramadan is a quiet reflective time to pray and help others. This club provides a space for kids to come in and say their Dhuhr prayers and are welcome to stay if they feel tired.

Predominately this is for the children who are fasting and for those who might be too young to fast but still would like to immerse themselves in the experience. The club is also open to staff and volunteers who wish a pray. We provide them with a Ramadan activity pack and a prayer mat. The kids can discuss and ask questions related to Islam or anything they would like to ask and discuss. The teacher conducting the club also

Year 3 Roman Day

Children in Year 3 had a fantastic immersive learning experience to fit in with their history learning about the Romans.  The children were able to hold some replica artefacts from the Roman times, take part in a battle between Boudicca’s army and the Romans, as well as hear lots of exciting stories and facts about the Romans.

It was great to see some our children dress up as Roman as part of the day

London Youth Games girls football event

The Cannington years 5 & 6 girls football team had the honour of representing the borough on Tuesday 19th March at the London Youth Games girls football event against 32 other teams. This was a huge achievement for our girls! They demonstrated all of the Roding values and did the borough, the school and themselves very proud. Well done girls!

World Book Day

On Thursday 7th March 2024, the children and staff at Roding Primary School had a thoroughly enjoyable day as we celebrated World Book Day.  Many children dressed up as a particular word and is was great to see everybody being creative.

We also had many entries for our toilet roll book character competition.

We would like to thank all of the parents and guardians who helped their children with a costume or a model.  Reading remains a vitally important part of a children’s learning, so we hope that this day inspires all of our children to carry on with their love of books.

Indoor Athletics Competition

The girls and boys from year 3 & 4 had a fantastic time competing at the indoor athletics competition on 12th and 13th Feburary. They worked incredibly hard to showcase their talents and did Roding very proud finishing 7th and 14th out of 19 very competitive schools.

International Women’s Day 2024

Each year, Roding Primary School celebrates International Women’s Day with lessons and assemblies that focus on the incredible and inspirational achievements made by many different women.  The theme for this year is ‘Inspire Inclusion’ which focuses on the inclusion and value that women bring to our society.  Our children have learned the gesture for this year’s theme which is the heart symbol and have enjoyed the many activities which look at ways that we include and empower women in society.

Year 6 trip to the Imperial War Museum

Our children in Year 6 were able to experience some hands on learning by visiting the Imperial War Museum.  This trip enhances our year 6 learning about World War 2 and allowed children to see a range of primary sources as well as interactive exhibits.  The museum commemorates the many lives which were taken or affected by the war, and helps our children to understand the importance of our British values and Roding values relating to respect and understanding.

World Religion and Heritage Day 2023

Each year, Roding Primary School really enjoys inviting pupils and staff to showcase their religion or heritage by dressing in clothing which is important as well as sharing any special artefacts which have a religious meaning or are connected to a person’s heritage.  This year, our children have loved sharing their religion and heritage and it has provided a wonderful learning opportunity for everybody.

As well as demonstrating our Roding Value of Respect, it also ties in with our Bristish Values of Mutual Respect and Understanding and Tolerance of Different faiths and Beliefs.

We would like to thank everybody who took part in this special day.