Year 6 Hewett Children Get Scientific

Our Year 6 children from our Hewett site had an excellent day visiting the Science Museum on Tuesday.  They were able to see many artefacts from the scientific world, including historic artefacts that led the way to the scientific advancements which we have in our world today.  Our children even had the opportunity to see the nearby Royal Albert Hall.  It was a fantastic day.

The children from our Cannington site will be visiting the Science Museum in the upcoming week.

Football Match

Congratulations to our Cannington and Hewett Football Team for showing such great resilience and determination at their recent match. Both teams played to the best of their ability and were true ambassadors for Roding Primary. The competition was tough but the teams rose to the challenge! Thank you to Mrs Wickenden and Miss Fawsitt for coaching the teams. We are very proud of you all!