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How does the school share information about any extra support given to my child and the progress they make?

Once your child has been identified with SEND an Individual Education Plan (IEP) will usually be drawn up.

  • The parents, class teacher and child meet to decide on clear targets and plan the strategies to meet these targets.
  • Often different ways of consulting children may be used depending on their level of need and maturity.
  • The plan will usually run for a term.
  • The class teacher will assess the progress made and arrange a review meeting to share this information with parents and the pupil.
  • You will be asked, as will your child (although this may be in a different way depending on your child's needs) to share your views on the progress made.
  • All other relevant information will be discussed during this meeting, including the support you can offer at home.
  • The class teacher will send you a copy of the completed review and the new IEP.
  • SENDCo support is available at any stage of the process as needed.
  • Children making sustained good progress will be removed from SEN support.
  • If there are concerns about progress the SENDCo will discuss these with the parents and refer to an appropriate outside agency.

If your child takes part in any of the groups run by the intervention teachers or Thrive practitioners, their progress will be discussed with you at review meetings and/or parent consultation evenings.