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How will the school let me know if they have any concerns about my child's learning?

Class teachers continually monitor the progress and wellbeing of children by checking the work they do, observing their interaction with others and their behaviour. Regular assessments are carried out in reading writing and maths. 

Each term you will have the opportunity to make an appointment with the class teacher to discuss your child's attainment, progress, the targets they are working on and any difficulties they may have. Meanwhile, if you have any concerns you are welcome to make an appointment with the class teacher or SENDCo. Similarly the school may contact you to share information and concerns.

The progress of pupils is tracked four times per year. One reason for this is to identify children who are not making the expected progress. The Assistant Head for the Key Stage meets with each class teacher to discuss all pupils and the progress they have made. Children who may need extra support are identified.

There is a weekly panel meeting, on each site, where staff involved in SEND and pupil welfare meet to monitor and discuss:

  • Children who are not making progress (as outlined above)
  • Children who teachers have concerns about
  • The attendance of pupils
  • Children whose behaviour or emotional well-being is a cause for concern
  • Any parental concerns that require further action/support from an outside agency
  • Children receiving support from outside agencies
  • Strategies and/or next steps for individuals and groups of children
  • Class, playtime and lunchtime behaviour‚Äč

If your child is part of an intervention group you will be notified and given an opportunity to discuss progress with the intervention teacher.

If there are any concerns relating to your child the school will arrange to meet with you to discuss this in more detail and to:

  • Listen to any concerns you have
  • Plan any additional support (this may involve adding the child to the SEND register)
  • Discuss any referrals to outside agencies who can support your child.