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Advice for when partial school closure is in place from Monday 23rd March 2020

During this time of partial school closure, it is important for children to maintain their usual structure and routine as much as possible. Here are some ideas to help keep a routine while your children are at home.

Through the course of the day encourage your children to –

  • Follow their usual morning routine:
    • Eat breakfast, make their bed, get dressed, put PJs in the washing/laundry, brush teeth, etc.
  • Break the rest of the day into sections similar to that of a school day:
    • Identify times for activities – half hour school pack, reading time, use the websites identified in the school packs, complete a research project, play a board game, do a physical activity, lego, drawing, etc).
    • Identify when snack times and lunchtimes will be (children always want to know this) – if possible eat as a family group
    • Perhaps have a chart/timetable on the wall that children can look at themselves.
  • Allocate household chores so that they are helping to keep their environment nice – this could include: wiping the table, wiping door handles and light switches, tidy their rooms, etc.
  • Include some quiet time during the day (no screens!), listen to music, read together or just chill in peace.
  • Try to keep dinner time and bed time the same.


Some ideas of physical activities to do indoors can be found on the following websites:

and some for in the garden: