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Cannington Site Update

Dear Parents/Carers/Staff


We have had numerous complaints about the lack of social distancing at the Cannington Site in the mornings and after school. This must improve.


If parents/carers do not adhere to the advice below, we will have to devise new arrangements at these times that will involve barriers, staggering times and costs to the school.



  1. Only one adult should come to school to drop/pick up children.
  2. Do not arrive early for your drop off.
  3. Leave as soon as you have dropped your child(ren) off.
  4. Arrive at the earliest drop-off time for your child(ren) and collect with the latest child (see below).
  5. Stand well back from the gate until it is time for you to go in. Do not surge forward but be patient.
  6. Always leave 2m between you and other families even if you are wearing face coverings.


Please follow these rules from today.


Year Groups



9.10 – 3.20pm

Year 1

9.00 – 3.10pm

Year 2

8.50 – 3.00pm

Year 3

9.00 – 3.15pm

Year 4

8.50 – 3.05pm

Year 5

9.00 – 3.15pm

Year 6

8.50 – 3.05pm



If you have three children – one in Year 4, one in Year 3 and one in Reception, you bring them ALL to school at 8.50am (Year 4 start time) and they are all collected at 3.20pm (Reception leave time).



We know that parents are finding it hard to book tests on-line.

If you need to book a test, the site at Mayesbrook informed us that they have capacity for 50 walk-in tests per day BUT it would mean you joining the queue at 7am even though the centre does not open until 8am. If you get there at this time, and there are more than 50 people ahead of you, they are unlikely to be able to fit you in.



Thank you