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Key Information for Parents whose children are returning to school

Key Information when Returning to School

  • Please ensure that your child does not attend school if they, or a member of your family, becomes unwell with coronavirus symptoms for at least 14 days.
  • Start times have been staggered to help with social distancing

Staggered timings, entrances and exits:




Year 6



Year 1




9.15 am


Key worker




Timings to be confirmed prior to start

Breakfast Club

Only open to key worker children


  • For families who have children in more than one your group, please bring ALL of your children in for the start time of the YOUNGEST child each morning and collect ALL of your children at the end of the school day with the ELDEST child - for example, if you have a child in reception and Year 6 they must both arrive at 9.15 and leave at 2.30.
  • School is closed on a Wednesday afternoon for all children, except Key Worker children. This will start from Wednesday 17th June at the following times: Reception -  12.15, Year 1 - 12.00 and year 6 – 11.45. For families who have children in more than one year group, you can collect ALL of your children with the ELDEST child at the earliest time.
  • In order to maximise safety, only one adult from the family can bring a child/ren to school.
  • We are advising that an adult should bring and collect children, even if previously older children have been given permission to walk home alone.
  • We are using a one-way system to enter and exit the school premises. Please follow these signs to walk your children to the external entrance to their classrooms. Markings will be placed on the floor to help you to follow social distancing guidance.
  • If you arrive to school after the gates are closed, please go to the main office entrance and follow the guidance and social distancing markings there.
  • Lunchtimes and break times are staggered to maintain social distancing.
  • Please do not gather at the school entrances or exits maintaining the social distancing guidance at all times.
  • There is a maximum of 10 children in each class. These are divided into smaller ‘bubble groups.’
  • Children must ONLY bring a jacket (weather dependent), a named water bottle (water fountains and drinking cups will not be available) and their packed lunch if not having a packed lunch provided by the school (this will be supplied to ALL children attending in Reception and Year 1). Please DO NOT allow your child to bring in book bags.
  • All children are provided with a personal pack of equipment (including tissues) to limit the sharing of resources.
  • The school environment is very different to what your child is used to. If they find it too distressing and/ or is unable to follow the social distancing and behaviour requirements, we will discuss attendance with parents/carers.
  • The children are following their year group curriculum, ensuring that they are prepared for their next year group in school. This will be replicated for the home learning activities that are made available via the website, blogs and google classroom.
  • Please ensure that the school has up to date information on your child’s health and medication. Scientific research has identified that there are some ethnic groups that are more vulnerable or are more seriously affected by the COVID-19 virus, particularly those with Black, Asian or Minority Ethnic backgrounds (BAME). It is vital that the school has the most up to date medical information and that YOU have checked that your child is not more vulnerable by being in school.
  • All children will continue to wash their hands for 20 seconds throughout the day.
  • Additional cleaning of classrooms, toilets and resources takes place regularly through the day. Items that are difficult to clean have been removed from classrooms.
  • Additional hand sanitising units have been placed throughout the school.
  • In order to ensure everyone is alert, we are asking for everyone to refrain from using their mobile phone on the school premises.
  • Markings and signs have been placed in and around the school to help children and adults to maintain social distancing recommendations.
  • Adults use PPE as appropriate in certain circumstances. Children can wear PPE if they are able to safely remove and put the equipment on themselves, as the staff are unable to help them.
  • Dedicated areas are used for anyone who displays symptoms of the virus and appropriate measures are taken.
  • The school kitchen is only be providing packed lunches until further notice. This consists of a sandwich (tuna, egg, ham or cheese), a bottle of water, a biscuit and a piece of fruit.
  • Children are allowed to bring in a packed lunch, but it must be in a packed lunch box or a carrier bag.

NO rucksacks and large bags to be brought in. Also, only provide food items that your child can manage without support e.g. crisps or yoghurts they can open, as due to social distancing help will be limited.

  • Part of the guidance recommends changing and wearing clean clothes daily. Children are expected to wear school uniform when attending school.
  • We understand that this is a worrying time, please be reassured that the school can be contacted via email and telephone. We have posted information videos on our website to give you and your child information on the changes to the school environment for their return.
  • Social distancing measures are challenging due to space and the developmental stage of the children. We cannot guarantee the effectiveness of the measures put in place.

Thank you for your time.

The Staff at Roding