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Letter From Roding

Dear Parent/Carers,

Latest update


We wrote to parents last week to invite Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 back to school.


The provisional opening dates are as follows:



Year Group and timings

Wednesday 10th June

Reception (9.15 – 12.15pm)

Thursday 11th June

Reception (9.15 – 12.15pm)

Friday 12th June

Reception (9.15 – 3.15pm)

Monday 15th June

Reception (9.15 – 3.15pm)

Year 6 (8.30 – 2.30pm)

Tuesday 16th June

Reception (9.15 – 3.15pm)

Year 6 (8.30 – 2.30pm)

Wednesday 17th June

Reception (9.15 – 12.15pm)

Year 6 (8.30 – 11.45am)

Year 1 (9.00 – 12.00pm)

SCHOOL CLOSED PM – additional cleaning

Thursday 18th June

Reception (9.15 – 3.15pm)

Year 6 (8.30 – 2.30pm)

Year 1 (9.00 – 3pm)

Friday 19th June

Reception (9.15 – 3.15pm)

Year 6 (8.30 – 2.30pm)

Year 1 (9.00 – 3pm)


Nursery dates to be confirmed.


However, the challenge of bringing pupils back in much smaller class groups, and with far fewer staff is proving VERY challenging. For example, at this time, nearly half of our teachers and classroom assistants are not able to commit to coming back to work.


About 30% of parents, in N, R Y1 & Y6 indicated that they would allow their child to return WHEN their year groups re-opened. We are now planning how we may be able to accommodate these 30% of children ONLY starting with Reception. Therefore, we will not be extending the offer to the rest of these year groups until our staff/spacing capacity improves. Unfortunately, we have no plans to extend the offer to Years 2, 3, 4 and 5 at this stage and the Government no longer expects us to.


If you have indicated that you want your child to attend, and you did this before the 9am deadline on Monday 8th June, you will get separate texts/emails to inform you what you need to do PRIOR to their return. If you do not get a further text/email then your child is NOT expected back at school.


If you did not respond before this deadline, at this point in time, there is no place for your child at school.


Please keep an eye on the website for updates. Thank you for your understanding.





A Oldershaw

Exec. Headteacher