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Hello, we are the school council representatives, we want to tell you about some of the things we have achieved this year, as well as some ideas to help make our school even better.

Try Harder Ideas

Cloakroom area

Before you leave the school check and clean the cloakroom areas.


Book bags and learning logs

Remember you need your book bags and learning logs every single day, or when you do your spelling test you won't know them.


Reading books

You need to read your books so you can do more AR quizes and then you can get a new AR book. You can read more then you will get more intelligent. You should read every night and fill in your learning logs so that your teacher knows you have read to your family or friends.



Homework is good for you and sometimes you can learn about different facts and ideas (don't copy).

You should do your spellings, reading and multiplication tables every night (practice a different table each night).


Dinner hall

The dinner hall needs to be kept tidy or it will start to smell nasty, then it will be an unpleasant place to eat. Make sure you pick up your belongings / rubbish off the floor if you drop them.


Thank you