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Here is some of the feedback submitted by our Roding Family.



"I really don't know how you do it all day... I salute and commend you!"

Nanny D


"My child has really improved. From not wanting to engage to being super keen to start her [online] lesson! Thank you for all of your efforts."

Parent RS


"I think Roding are doing an amazing job with home learning. Plenty of content to keep the children busy during the day. The live lessons are a fantastic way for the children to stay connected with their teacher and class mates."

Suzanne W


"The teachers are putting great effort in providing materials for home learning. The PowerPoint with sound is a great idea. It helps a lot."

Kris P


"Roding are doing such an amazing job providing high quality home learning.  Due to the well organised provision of a live lesson and excellent recorded sessions my daughter is becoming a confident, motivated and independent learner."

Carolyn G


"I think the school has been doing really well on the home learning and the daily live lesson is really important. Just so they can have that interaction with each other and the teachers. Many thanks and keep up the good work."

Rachel M


"I am extremely pleased with the quality and quantity of work my daughter has been receiving in year 5. I love being able to monitor the work my daughter is submitting and the feedback she is receiving. I am very impressed by the live lessons my daughter is engaging in. Not only is it keeping her education going, it has been amazing for her mental health. She has loved interacting with her teacher and class mates, giving her the sense of still being in the school classroom."

Gemma D


"The teachers are greatly appreciated. Fantastic teaching. Overall the teachers are doing extremely well with government pressures. Thank you so much."



"My thoughts of the school are fine and beautiful. My children are learning a lot of things from the school"

Rosa B


"Thanks to the teachers who are working really hard for our kids to keep learning at home, we really appreciate it"



"I've been so impressed with the level of input, support, and work being provided online. My son is kept very busy, learning a lot and there are always teachers on hand to answer any questions he might have. They are constantly encouraging and providing feedback.

Well done Roding"

Nichola B


"Roding Primary School puts a lot of effort into our children's care, learning, development, and well-being. Staff go the extra mile to assist children to achieve their individual potential throughout the school and beyond. Thank you so much for your care, love, and patience you show for our family."

Anita A


" I would like to say a huge thank you to year 1 teacher, Mr Wallace, who has been really great at keeping Zayd encouraged via Evidence Me feedback and comments. I understand it must be very hard with all the different responsibilities he has at the moment but Zayd always asks to hear the feedback and is happy to hear Mr Wallace's response. Thank Mr Wallace for being so great"

Amina B


"I am extremely pleased with the support my son is getting from his teachers. If he has a question he can ask in the Chat and the teaching staff get back to him asap. Thank you"

Kristie M


"Honestly can't thank the staff at Roding enough for their continued support though out this difficult time, absolutely fantastic home learning resources available, the communication with teachers and staff has been outstanding and nothing is too much bother. Also so many different learning tools available as well as live lessons for all the children. Well done everyone at Roding"

Nicola B


"Thank you. The support from ALL of the staff both online and via telephone calls during such a difficult year has been amazing. For every member of staff who has helped my son's learning and emotional support due to family illness, I can't thank you enough. You've had little notice when schools have had to close and are quick to provide us with as much information and support as possible. I don’t think boxes of chocolate or thank you cards show enough of how much we all appreciate you. Well done and, again, thank you.”

Rhiannon S


“Extremely happy with the way Roding is doing the home learning, the teachers are amazing and helpful when in live lessons. My daughter and I both enjoy the work given on Evidence Me.”

Mey Q


“I want to say a huge thank you to the reception teachers at Hewett Road (Miss Seaman and Miss Jones) for really encouraging the children during the daily google meet sessions. Also, for the work that they are posting on Evidence Me.”

Zakia K


“The effort that has been put into keeping parents updated has been very helpful and useful. We recently started using Google classrooms and so far, it seems ok. Keep up the good work. Thank you”



“Roding primary school is a great school. The teacher and admin staff are really lovely and helpful. Under the current circumstances I think they are going really well.”

Rohima N


“During these unprecedented times i would also like to say a big thank you to the Nursery teachers who are doing a fantastic job of supporting the children online, i can imagine this can't be easy for them but it has been very helpful for us parents to encourage our kids to try out new activities daily with the support from teachers.”

Laila C


“The year 1 teachers have done a wonderful job of uploading videos to Evidence Me and making it easier for parents to carry out home learning. When lockdown was first announced I was worried I as a parent would have to explain each lesson and topic to my child but nope, instead all lessons have been video recorded and explained by the teachers! So all I have to do as a parent is play the videos for my child and help her with the task/activities. The class teacher gives feedback on each observation uploaded the same day!”



“Thank you to Miss Murphy and all the other year 1 teachers, for the amazing home learning they have been providing.”



“Mr Maguire has gone above and beyond for the year 4 home learning. And I feel that my child has been really supported during this time. Thank you all for your hard work at this challenging time.”

Mr Smith


“I think the school is doing a wonderful job with the home learning. I love that year 1 teachers give feedback to the children on their work which I read to [my son] and he loves hearing that his teacher is looking at his work. Keep up the good work, I appreciate what you are doing for the children and the support you give me”

Cheryl N


“… The teachers are doing an amazing job!”

Katy G


“Miss Hayes is very helpful and approachable if my daughter needs support. The ladies in the office are doing a great job and also Miss Robert's is helpful and a committed member of staff at Roding. Thank you all for all what you are doing.”

Denise G


“I feel that the school is doing an amazing job with live classes, classes in school and then pre-recorded classes as well. It’s is definitely not an easy task to home school and some children will obviously be easier than others but I have felt very supported by the school and especially some teachers that have taken Georgie under their wings before this and have continued helping in every which way they can and for this we are extremely grateful. We are in this together and we will come out of it together as well.”

Wayne C


“I think the school are doing fab and that all staff are working incredibly hard”

Laura S


“The home learning for year 2 has been excellent. The work set on evidence me has been uploaded early each morning (giving me time to prepare!). Miss Green always comments on the work that [my son] has completed and he looks forward to hearing what she says. The online lessons have been fantastic. The teachers, Miss Green, Miss Clarke and Mr Chase have made them engaging and fun for the children. [My son] loves school and really misses his friends and teachers and therefore looks forward to his lesson. You are all doing a fantastic job!”

Lisa B


“My daughter loves her session. Teachers keep the kids interested In learning. They make her feel included and always mention when the children do well. I love her smile when the teacher says well done to her… The lessons are well planned. Teachers are doing amazing through these hard times. Appreciate they are recorded so I'm able to go through them slowly. When I have messaged for help I’ve had a call back very quickly.”

Kelly A


“My son is in year 3 and has 20min of meeting with his class every day. These class meetings have definitely bought in structure to his day that I struggled to put in. I am very happy with these meetings taking place every day. My son is very happy to see his class friends and his teacher.”

Gulhan T


“I am absolutely delighted with the online home learning Roding is providing. My daughter is really benefitting from her daily live lesson, having contact with her teacher and class has made her happier and more motivated to learn. The excellent recorded PowerPoints are so clearly explained that my daughter gets on with tasks with little or no support from an adult. This is particularly a blessing when both parents are working from home. School communication has been clear and I have known who or where to go for extra support. Well done Roding and thank you!”

Dave G


“I would like to express my gratitude to the school staff for the wonderful service they are providing. The remote learning has been of excellent quality. Navigating the site to upload work is straightforward. The array of subscriptions the school provides to ensure children are still reading books according to their ability and access maths work to support with revision of concepts is nothing short of outstanding!”

Monwara B


“We want to say thank you to all the staff for your amazing hard work that you guys are putting towards the children.”

Parent 1C


“Thank you for all you are doing with all the home learning, it’s amazing to see.”

Parent Cannington Nursery


“I’m happy to be contacted by the school, as it makes me feel supported.”

Parent Cannington Nursery