Key Information

Roding Primary School Cannington Road office is open to parents from 8.00 am to 4.00 pm, Hewett Road office is open from 8:00am to 3.30pm. There is an answer phone available to leave messages outside these times. All visitors must use the main school entrances.

The School Office is available during school times to help with any questions or information you may need regarding your child.

If you require a paper copy of any documents on our website the school office is happy to provide upon request


School Clubs

A variety of clubs are run on each site throughout the year. Children should only attend a club if their attendance has been confirmed by the school.

As a school, we are very keen that all children are given opportunities to develop their skills, interests and talents in different areas including academically, socially, creatively and in sports. As such, there are a number of different clubs that are run based around these key areas. Examples of some of our past and current clubs include: Basketball, Tennis, Choir, Drama, Debate Club, Chess Club, Cookery, Judo and STEM club.

New Parents – Welcome to Roding Primary School

Navy blue trousers or knee length skirt
White polo shirt or White Shirt
Navy blue jumper or cardigan
Navy blue tights
White, black or navy blue socks
Plain black shoes (no visible logos)
Optional Summer Uniform (April – October) navy blue knee length shorts or blue and white checked dress
PE Kit
Plain white t-shirt or polo shirt
Navy blue shorts
Black plimsolls
Navy tracksuit bottoms (additional option)
PE kit should be kept in a small drawstring bag

Please ensure your child’s name is written on all of their belongings

Children should bring a book bag with them to school every day. The child’s name should be written on the inside of the book bag. Due to limited classroom and hallway space, children should not bring in rucksacks or large bags.

Roding Primary School book bags are available from our school office at both sites.

Hijab, Kippar, Dastar
We invite children to wear these as part of their religious beliefs although we do ask that they be in our school colours – navy blue or white
Other religious clothing:
For any other enquiries regarding religious clothing, please liaise directly with the headteacher

Children with long hair may wish to use a hair band, hair clips or small bows. Hair bands or bows should be in the school colours of either navy blue or white. Large bows or clip bows are not to be worn.

Children may wear stud earrings only, no hoop or hanging earrings are to be worn to school. For safety reasons, earrings must be removed by the children for PE lessons (they must be able to remove earrings without any adult supervision). Any other form of jewellery including necklaces and bangles are not allowed.

Make up and nail varnish may not be worn in school.

To view our full uniform policy please click here

Roding Breakfast Club

Our Breakfast Club is run on both sites and  benefit parents by fulfilling a childcare function if they need to start work earlier than school begins. They provide a fun, healthy and social start to the day. They start at 7:30am allowing flexibility to parents who need to commute.

The provisions also benefit our pupils by enabling children to arrive in plenty of time for the start of school and enjoying extra social time with peers.

Our pupils receive a healthy breakfast every day. It is a known fact that missing breakfast can affect energy levels, concentration, and a child’s ability to sit in a classroom and learn. Our breakfast clubs provide this vital healthy meal for our children ensuring parents can start their working day with the assurance their children are being nourished and cared for in a safe and happy environment.

Our provisions offer continuity and familiarity to the pupils as they are run by school staff, who know the children well and are able to continue to build positive relationships through eating socially together, following and demonstrating the Roding values and playing games.

The menu for Breakfast Club is in line with guidelines published by the schools food standards. This will ensure the pupils at Roding receive a healthy start to their day.

If you would like your child(ren) to attend breakfast club or would like further information please contact the school office on:

We are able to offer ad-hoc days, for mornings where you may have an early appointment, change in work pattern or childcare issues. Places will be issued on a first come, first served basis and the daily charge is £5. If you would like to book this facility, or discuss further please contact the school office.

Ad-hoc days booking form

Once registered, Children should be escorted by an adult to the school office from 7:30am, your child/ren should not be left unaccompanied before this time. Some other important points to note are:

  • A weekly fee of £15  (£17.50 from September 2024) is payable, regardless of the number of sessions attended (including if your child/ren are off sick).
  • One week’s fee is to be paid as a deposit to secure a place.
  • Fees are to be paid by Monday for the current week.
  • Payment of fees must be made using ParentPay online. PayPoint cannot be used.
  • One weeks’ notice to leave the club must be given in writing.
  • Non attendance and/or non payment will result in the place being offered to the next person on the waiting list and your deposit will be retained.
  • Breakfast club staff must be advised immediately of any changes to medical or contact details for you child/ren.

If you attend an Adult Learning Course, you may be eligible for assistance in paying for your child/ren to attend breakfast club. Please ask your Adult College for more information.

School Meals

Primary School children in state-funded schools in London now get free school meals for the 2023/24 & 2024 / 25 academic years. The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan is providing the funding as an emergency cost of living support measure. Please note, this does not include children in the Nursery


At Roding we offer a two week menu, provided by BD Group. School meals are freshly cooked on the premises.

There is a choice of menu each day and the kitchen can cater for a range of dietary and cultural needs. There is also a halal choice available each day.

Our school current school meal menu can be found below:

Roding Lunch Menu weeks 1 and 2 

Promotional Menus

Thursday 6th June – D Day

Free School Meals / Pupil Premium

Pupils in Reception to Year 6, receive a free school meal as part of the mayor of London’s initiative. If you would normally be entitled to free school meals, the school could receive significant extra money, if your application is successful. The additional funding received (Pupil Premium) has been used to offer discounted places to the Year 5 residential trip to Trewern.

The borough website includes guidance on entitlement and an easy way to apply online. Please follow the link below for further information:

Healthy Schools – Packed Lunches

We are a Healthy School London award winner and one of the things we do is strive to ensure that the community of the school eat healthily. One of the ways you can help us to achieve this is to provide your child with a well balanced packed lunch. The attached documents are full of helpful ideas to create healthy packed lunches.  View our Early Years Packed Lunch Guidance Here

School Meals

Primary School children in state-funded schools in London now get free school meals for the 2023/24 & 2024 / 25 academic years. The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan is providing the funding as an emergency cost of living support measure. Please note, this does not include children in the Nursery

Breakfast Club

Once a space has been allocated, the option to make payments will be added to your child’s ParentPay account. A weekly fee of £15 is payable, regardless of the number of sessions attended (including if your child/ren are off sick). There will be no charge for Inset days, Bank holidays and school closures

Nursery 30 Hours

Once a space has been allocated, the option to make payments will be added to your child’s ParentPay account. A weekly fee of £25 is payable, regardless of the number of sessions attended (including if your child/ren are off sick). There will be no charge for Inset days, Bank holidays and school closures

School Trips

You will be notified of up and coming trips. If a fee is payable, the option to make payments will be added to your child’s ParentPay account

Parent Pay

The following document has been produced by ParentPay and explains how to top up an account and make a payment. By following the instructions, you will be able to top up and make payments successfully. – View Here

Webinar for Parents & Carers of LGBTQ+ Youth

LGBTQ+ Webinar Events 2021

Gangs Awareness Course

Gangs Exploitation Awareness Course

Men and Masculinities Programme

Men and Masculinities is a programme for men, designed to deepen their understanding of themselves and their relationships. The programme is built to support the process of change and works from the basis that part of making changes is to understand the past and the harm you do to yourself and the ones you love.

Please see the attached information:

Leaflet – View Here

Referral form. – View Here

Parent Support Group

For parents of young people (11-25yrs_ with mental challenges

Please see the attached information:

Leaflet – View Here

Golden Time

This is an integral element in our positive behaviour management strategies. We regularly reward all children who display positive behaviour throughout the week with Golden Time on Friday afternoons. It is their chance to really concentrate and enjoy an activity or area of the curriculum that they most enjoy.

You can read more here: Golden Time Years 1 – 6

Effective Relationship Education is a partnership between parents and schools. Due to COVID-19, we are unable to hold our usual parent meetings to share the curriculum and answer your questions. We have sent out the curriculum information to you regarding some specific sex education lessons via your children and an email so that you can make a decision regarding your child’s participation. We have also tried to anticipate some of your questions regarding the lessons, Government guidance and changes to legislation here.

Find out why your child needs to participate in Relationships Education here: PHSE and RE Information for Parents

The results of the parent’s survey into homework in 2016 was used to inform the schedule and type of homework given out for each year group or Key Stage.

We are a happy and healthy school!

We encourage active travel for all our school community because:

Walking and cycling keeps us fit and healthy

Children who cycle to school are significantly fitter and nearly five times as likely to be in the top quartile of fitness, than children who travel by other modes.

It helps pupils develop road safety skills which will keep them safe in later life 

The age group with more children killed or seriously injured on London’s roads is 12 – 15 years, nearly three times more than any other child age group. That’s why we believe it’s important to prepare our children with the relevant skills to travel independently to secondary school.

We believe cycling is a life skill that everyone should be able to benefit from

Cycling contributes significantly to inclusion – providing children with the ability to access facilities, education and training in later life.

It helps keep our local air clean, and our local streets free from congestion

London exceeded permitted levels of particulate pollution over 36 days in six months during 2010, more than the permitted 35 days allowed during an entire year.

It helps us maintain friendly relationships with our neighbours

Dangerous and inconsiderate parking not only creates an unsafe environment outside the school but upsets our neighbours and local residents.

Ask yourself: Do you want to live in a place where everyone drives?

In London less than 50 per cent of households own a car. Imagine the congestion and pollution if 100 per cent of households drove.

Find out what more we do here:  What We Do

After school provision is provided by Bright Futures. The hours they offer are

For more information you can contact them direct
07883 890015


Our Thrive Approach

Our first priority is to care for every child in a secure, friendly environment; enabling them to enjoy their time and feel confident to learn. In order to maintain this ethos, the staff work together to support children’s emotional and social learning. We provide and maintain support of this attitude during lesson times, break / lunch times and through activities that take place throughout the day to make sure our children are ready to learn.

What is Thrive?

Not all children can put their needs into words every time they experience a different emotion, but the way children behave can tell us a lot about how they are feeling. In the old days, children who were finding life hard were sometimes given harmful labels like ‘naughty’ or ‘very shy’. Our Learning Mentors and Thrive practitioners draw on the latest research (from current neuroscience, recent attachment research, current studies of effective learning and current models of child development) in order to help our community to understand the needs being signalled by children’s behaviour. It helps us to identify targeted strategies and activities to help them to re-engage with learning and life.

Why do some children need Thrive?

Unfortunately, children may face challenges that knock them off course (like all of us at some point in our lives). What is needed is understanding and support to get them back on track. Many children will respond to the care, understanding and support given by parents, family, friends and teachers. However, some children need a little bit extra to enable them to:

  • feel good about themselves
  • know they matter
  • become more resilient and resourceful
  • have a positive place in society
  • form trusting, rewarding relationships
  • be creative
  • be compassionate and empathetic
  • Be thoughtful and self-aware
  • be productive
  • be able to overcome difficulties and setbacks

So who gets Thrive?

Children who need a little bit of extra help are identified through a variety of ways such as by class teachers or through communication with families and outside agencies. For some children there may be an obvious reason why they need a little bit of extra support; his might be something like a bereavement or family breakdown. For others there are no obvious triggers to why they are finding some aspects of school and/or home life a little more challenging. Working closely with parents and class teachers, our practitioners carry out full assessments of identified children’s social, emotional and behavioural needs. This helps us to build a plan of activities to support their needs.

What are the activities?

Activities are tailored to a child’s identified target. The activities are carried out either on a one-to-one or small groups basis and many of the activities are play and arts-based. They may also include cooking, painting, model making, exploring difficult situations through role-play or comic strips, playing strategy games or projects focusing on the child’s own interests – all dependent on the needs of the individual child.

What extra support can we offer?

For many children across the school, Thrive time is considered a real treat! The children spend half an hour twice a week with a practitioner. Support is also offered, if needed, during break and lunch times, and throughout the school day.

We emphasise to everyone that Thrive is just like any other learning intervention. If children struggle with reading, writing and maths, we give them extra support, and it’s the same with social ad emotional learning. If they are struggling, they are offered extra support.


OpenCheck allows you to check the status of your children’s school on any given day. This easy-to-use service presents information regarding school closures in case of emergency, severe weather or any news which may affect children’s ability to attend or access the school