Pupil Responsibilities

School Council

The School Council is made up of elected children from across the school. Two from each of the Hewett classes and one per class at Cannington.

We aim to bring about positive change and be the pupil voice for our school.

Regular meetings are held where we discuss issues, achievements and our role within the school, the local community and as global citizens.

Playground Squad

Our playground squad work at lunch times.

The purpose of the squad is to ‘make our playground a happier place’.

These children are involved in leading areas, organising games and helping children to sort out problems.

The whole playground squad is divided into 2 separate squads. Each squad works on alternate weeks. The playground squad work in different areas of the playground. Rotas are organised so that the playground squad work in a range of areas.

Children in our playground squad are meant to show exemplary behaviour at all times. Certificates and prizes are awarded to our best squad members.

These are games we are currently encouraging children to play:

Green Team

The Green Team was created to encourage our children to take pride in their school and community.

A group of children dedicate their lunchtimes to ensuring the school premises and the area around the school are clean and litter free.

When the Green Team were redeveloping the quad following the damage caused by the fire and subsequent building works, they visited RHS garden Hyde Hall in Essex. They gained inspiration and knowledge on the best types of plants to use within the quad to make it look fantastic and to attract wildlife.

They have since visited a garden centre where they purchased plenty of plants and shrubs. They are in the process of planting these and developing seedlings for the quad area.

Digital Leaders

Being a Digital Leader helps children to develop confidence and leadership skills. They also provide meaningful support to teachers and peers throughout the school.

Children can become Digital Leaders from Year 3 and they receive training from their peers and the lead teacher in order to fulfil their role.

Since being introduced to the school, they have led training in new technology to peers and teaching staff, run lunch time tech clubs and supported lessons (for example in using equipment such as Lego WeDo2).