Ramadan Club

Roding Primary School takes pride in being an all-inclusive school. One of our Roding values is being respectful. As part of our curriculum we learn about different cultures, languages, religions and traditions. We introduced Language of the month a few years ago and highlighted some of the languages that some of our students speak. This is our way as staff and students together to show respect to each other regardless of our differences. At Roding we believe that it’s a very valuable lesson to learn for all of us as a community and especially as a school.

Last year in the spirit of Ramadan, looking at the number of Muslim student that we have at both of our sites, we took the initiative to start a Ramadan Club for the kids. Ramadan is a quiet reflective time to pray and help others. This club provides a space for kids to come in and say their Dhuhr prayers and are welcome to stay if they feel tired.

Predominately this is for the children who are fasting and for those who might be too young to fast but still would like to immerse themselves in the experience. The club is also open to staff and volunteers who wish a pray. We provide them with a Ramadan activity pack and a prayer mat. The kids can discuss and ask questions related to Islam or anything they would like to ask and discuss. The teacher conducting the club also

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