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September returning back to school

School dinners are free for all children in Years 1 & 2. Children in Years 3 to 6 must have money in their ParentPay to receive a school dinner.


Cashless system - ParentPay 

The infants and juniors have a set meal each day, presently costing £10.50 per week (£2.10 per day). Roding operates a cashless system for the payment of school dinners. Money can be credited to your child's account electronically via the ParentPay website (instant) or via a Paypoint in local shops (takes up to 72 hrs to show on account). Parents should always ensure there are sufficient funds on their child's account at the start of the week. 


Our Governing Body policy is that a school meal will be provided for children with insufficient funds in extreme circumstances

A text message from the school will be sent to parents to remind them to top up their ParentPay account. However, parents are urged to set up their own SMS reminders via the ParentPay website. It is the responsibility of parents to ensure funds are visible by 10.30 am for their child to have a school dinner. If you have made a payment later than the timescale outlined you will need to show proof of payment - either forward the confirmation email to for internet payments or bring the receipt into the office for paypoint payments.


Free School Meals

Are you entitiled to free school meals (FSM)? The school receives significant extra money if you register your child for free school meals, even if your child does not have school dinners. The borough website includes guidance on entitlement and an easy way to apply online. 


Please follow the link below for further informaion:



These are available to view on the ParentPay website or on the leaflet your child is usually able to bring home. This can be viewed from the link below as well:

Healthy Schools - Packed Lunches

We are a Healthy School London award winner and one of the things we do is strive to ensure that the community of the school eat healthily. One of the ways you can help us to achieve this is to provide your child with a well balanced packed lunch. The attached documents are full of helpful ideas to create healthy packed lunches.