Science Competition

What is Science?

Science is finding the answer to a question or a solution to a problem by observing, investigating, experimenting or researching.

Science Competition

Thank you to all children who entered. The work was creative, informative and well presented. Every child who entered should receive a merit from their class teacher. Well done.

Winning Entries

It was very hard to choose a winner. The teachers tried to choose work that was creative, showed the link with JOURNEY and was unique.

Cannington KS1 Winner: Arla - Year 1

Cannington LKS2 Winner: Nicole - Year 3

Cannington UKS2 Winner: Fola - Year 6

Hewett KS1 Winner: Leighton - Year 1

Hewett LKS2 Winner: Anayan - Year 3

Hewett LKS2 Winner 2: Bianca - Year 4

Challenge – Look out for our expert scientists around the school and in your lessons. The lab rats will ask you challenging questions that will make you use your science brain

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