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Staff List 2023/24

NameJob TitleYear Group
Mrs J DunmowJacquelineDunmowCo Headteacher, Designated Safeguarding LeadSLTLeadership TeamSafeguardingAll
Mr A RobbinsAdamRobbinsCo Headteacher, Safeguarding Designated Safeguarding LeadSLTLeadership TeamSafeguardingAll
Mr S LeySteveLeyDeputy Headteacher, SafeguardingSLTLeadership TeamYear 6All
Mrs K BrissettKarenBrissettAssistant Head - EYFS, CPD, Designated Safeguarding LeadSLTLeadership TeamSafeguardingAll
Mr J ChaseJonathanChaseAssistant Head - Curriculum, Designated Safeguarding LeadSLTLeadership TeamYear 4All
Mrs L GearyLorraineGearyAssistant Head SLTLeadership TeamAll
Miss S SampsonStephanieSampsonAssistant Head - Inclusion, Designated Safeguarding LeadSLTLeadership TeamYear 5AllInclusion
Mrs N WixNicolaWixAssistant Head - Curriculum, Safeguarding, Deputy Year Group LeadSLTLeadership TeamYear 4All
Mrs N ElseyNicolaElseySchool Business ManagerSLTLeadership TeamAll
Miss E JonesEmilyJonesAssistant Head - InclusionSLTHarbourAllInclusion
Mrs L BeckleyLouiseBeckleyProvision ManagerHarbourHarbourAll
Mrs M WickendenMaryWickendenTeacherHarbourHarbourAll
Mrs S YoungSarahYoungHLTAHLTAHarbourAll
Miss S CollierSarahCollierTeaching Assistant HarbourHarbourAll
Mrs K BaileyKristieBaileyTeaching Assistant HarbourHarbourAll
Miss R CarsonRoxyCarsonTeaching Assistant, Midday AssistantHarbourMidday AssistantAll
Miss B SulaBesjanaSulaTeaching Assistant HarbourHarbourAll
Miss L StarbrookLisaStarbrookTeaching AssistantHarbourHarbourAll
Mrs K Wlodarczyk-DelgadoKatarzyna Wlodarczyk-DelgadoTeaching AssistantHarbourHarbourAll
Miss S ThompsonSally-AnnThompsonTeaching AssistantHarbourHarbourAll
Mrs K HopeKellyHopeTeaching AssistantHarbourHarbourAll
Miss L DuckerLucyDuckerTeacher LighthouseLighthouseAll
Miss K WatkinsKayleighWatkinsTeaching Assistant, Midday AssistantLighthouseMidday AssistantAll
Mrs I NazIrramNazTeaching Assistant, Midday AssistantLighthouseMidday AssistantAll
Mrs E MaulkersonEllenMaulkersonYear Group LeadNurseryNurseryAll
Mrs S LydonSylviaLydonNursery NurseNurseryNurseryAll
Mrs A AwumeyAnitaAwumeyNursery Nurse NurseryNurseryAll
Mrs L MartinLilyMartinYear Group LeadReceptionReceptionAll
Mrs D OldershawDonnaOldershawTeacherReceptionReceptionAll
Miss A ElseyAlexandraElseyTeacher ReceptionReceptionAll
Miss C WilliamsCeriWilliamsTeacher, Designated Safeguarding LeadReceptionReceptionSafeguardingAll
Mrs I TaylorIsabelTaylorNursery Nurse ReceptionReceptionAll
Mrs M FerriggiMichelleFeriggiTeaching Assistant, Midday AssistantReceptionMidday AssistantAll
Mrs N ButlerNicolaButlerNursery Nurse ReceptionReceptionAll
Mrs L SmithLouiseSmithNursery NurseReceptionReceptionAll
Mrs G DowdGemmaDowdNursery Nurse ReceptionReceptionAll
Miss S MoirStephanieMoirTeaching AssistantReceptionReceptionAll
Mrs A KestlaAmyKestlaYear Group LeadYear 1Year 1All
Mrs L ShukerLydiaShukerTeacherYear 1Year 1All
Miss N BakerNicolaBakerTeacherYear 1Year 1AllInclusion
Miss J WoodJadeWoodTeacherYear 1Year 1All
Miss H MoffatHelenMoffatTeacher Year 1Year 1All
Mrs C GreenCarolineGreenTeaching AssistantYear 1Year 1All
Mrs S CordasSoniaCordasTeaching AssistantYear 1Year 1All
Mrs C EarneyClaireEarneyTeaching AssistantYear 1Year 1All
Mrs N MalikNatashaMalikTeaching Assistant, Midday AssistantYear 1Midday AssistantAll
Mrs L CernatLavinitaCernatNursery Nurse Year 1Year 2Year 2All
Miss L CollierLucyCollierYear Group LeadYear 2Year 2All
Mrs A WatkinsAngelaWatkinsTeacher Year 2Year 2All
Miss M MurphyMariaMurphyTeacher Year 2Year 2All
Mrs F OzinelFatma OzinelTeacherYear 2Year 2All
Miss C JonesCarolineJonesTeacher Year 2Year 2All
Ms N NaheedNadiaNaheedTeacher Year 2Year 2All
Mrs L SewellLouiseSewellTeaching AssistantYear 2Year 2All
Mrs J O'ReillyJoanneO'ReillyTeaching Assistant Year 2Year 2All
Miss J CornellJadeCornellTeaching Assistant Year 2Year 2All
Miss A HafejeeAnisahHafejeeTeaching Assistant, Midday AssisstantYear 2Midday AssistantsAll
Mrs D Agossa-LawsonDoviAgossa-LawsonTeaching AssistantYear 2Year 2All
Mrs D CarsonDeniseCarsonTeaching Assistant, Midday AssisstantYear 2Midday AssistantsAll
Miss R BakerRoxieBakerTeaching Assistant, Midday AssisstantYear 2Midday AssistantsAll
Miss C StevenChloeStevenYear Group LeadYear 3Year 3All
Miss J SiffletJeannetteSiffletTeacher Year 3Year 3All
Miss M McgrathMichaelaMcgrathTeacher Year 3Year 3All
Miss J EtherdenJessicaEtherdenTeacher Year 3Year 3All
Miss K ThorogoodKimThorogoodTeacher Year 3Year 3All
Mr N WarmingtonNeilWarmingtonTeacher Year 3Year 3All
Miss N AllenNatalieAllenTeaching Assistant, Midday Assisstant, Year 3Midday AssistantsAll
Miss K PriceKirsty PriceTeaching AssistantYear 3Year 3All
Mrs R BegumRukshanaBegumTeaching Assistant, Midday Assisstant, Breakfast Club AssistantYear 3Midday AssistantsBreakfast ClubAll
Ms S QuayeStephanieQuayeTeaching AssistantYear 3Year 3All
Miss J McCarthyJodieMcCarthyTeaching AssistantYear 3Year 3All
Mrs C SanduCristinaSanduTeaching AssistantYear 3Year 3All
Mrs S PradeepShefaliPradeepTeacher Year 4Year 4All
Mrs C GibbonsCarolynGibbonsTeacher Year 4Year 4All
Mrs E ReganEllenReganTeacher Year 4Year 4All
Mr J YarnoldJamesYarnoldTeacherYear 4Year 4All
Miss G FawsittGemmaFawsittYear Group LeadYear 4Year 4All
Mr K MurrayKieranMurrayTeacherYear 4Year 4All
Mrs N FitzermanNicolaFitzermanTeaching AssistantYear 4Year 4All
Mrs M BarthramMichelleBarthramTeaching AssistantYear 4Year 4All
Miss E FirthEmmaFirthTeaching AssistantYear 4Year 4All
Mrs C MasonCarlyMasonTeaching AssistantYear 4Year 4All
Miss L ScottLisaScottTeaching AssistantYear 4Year 4All
Miss S AmusatShakiratAmusatTeaching AssistantYear 4Year 4All
Mrs L LagerLisaLagerYear Group Lead Year 5Year 5All
Mrs S CurranSallyCurranYear Group Lead Year 5Year 5All
Mr E HussainEnamHussainTeacher Year 5Year 5All
Ms O IgbonobaObiIgbonobaTeacher Year 5Year 5All
Mrs A BoumesbahAilisBoumesbahTeaching AssistantYear 5Year 5All
Mrs K MaloneKellieMaloneTeaching AssistantYear 5Year 5All
Mrs J SampsonJulieSampsonTeaching AssistantYear 5Year 5All
Mrs S HaynesStacey-LouiseHaynesTeaching AssistantYear 6Year 6All
Miss G BarthosGabriellaBarthosYear Group Lead Year 6Year 6All
Mr L CleworthLeeCleworthTeacher Year 6Year 6All
Miss L HayesLouiseHayesTeacherYear 6Year 6All
Mrs J LeyJaneLeyTeacherYear 6Year 6All
Mr S EtherdenSamEtherdenTeacher Year 6Year 6All
Mrs R KhanRabiaKhanTeacherYear 6Year 6All
Miss C DonovanCaseyDonovanTeaching AssistantYear 6Year 6All
Mrs S HoadleySharonHoadleyTeaching AssistantYear 6Year 6All
Mrs N VaidNiloferVaidTeaching AssistantYear 6Year 6All
Mrs A BegumAyshaBegumTeaching AssistantYear 6Year 6All
Mrs S WellerSuzanneWellerTeaching AssistantYear 6Year 6All
Mrs J FranceJudyFranceTeaching Assistant, Midday AssistantYear 6Midday AssistantsAll
Mrs S SmallSabritaSmallLead HLTAHLTAHLTAAll
Mrs F HasinFahmidaHasinHLTAHLTAHLTAAll
Mr N AdamsNeil AdamsHLTA HLTAHLTAAll
Mrs K DarkoKathlynDarkoHLTAHLTAHLTAAll
Mrs H UdekeHappinessUdekeHLTAHLTAHLTAAll
Mrs N BinningNicholaBinningHLTAHLTAHLTAAll
Miss M NyarkoMarianNyarkoHLTAHLTAHLTAAll
Mrs W GravesWendyGravesLead Learning MentorLearning MentorLearning MentorsAll
Mrs L AlunguleseiLuminitaAlunguleseiLearning MentorLearning MentorLearning MentorsAll
Mrs D DonovanDawnDonovanLearning MentorLearning MentorLearning MentorsAll
Mr A HassanAfzalHassanIT TechnicianIT TechnicianSupport StaffAll
Mrs L MatthewsLorraineMatthewsSpeech TherapistSpeech TherapistSupport StaffAll
Mrs A HumphreyAngelaHumphreyLibrarianLibrarianSupport StaffAll
Mrs L BakerLisaBakerOffice ManagerAdmin AdminAll
Mrs J ThomsonJenniferThomsonFinance Officer, Admin AssistantAdmin AdminAll
Miss S HigginsSarahHigginsAdmin AssistantAdmin AssistantAdminAll
Mrs N AldridgeNatalieAldridgeAdmin Assistant, Lead Midday SupervisorAdmin AssistantMidday AssistantAdminAll
Miss S BhutawalaSalmaBhutawalaAdmin AssistantAdmin AssistantAdminAll
Miss M CollyerMiaCollyerAdmin AssistantAdmin AssistantAdminAll
Miss L RobertsLesleyRobertsFamily Liaison Practitioner, Designated Safeguarding Officer, Admin AssistantFamily Liaison PractitionerAdminSafeguardingAll
Mrs S CadenSheilaCadenFamily Liaison Practitioner, Designated Safeguarding OfficerFamily Liaison PractitionerFamily LiaisonSafeguardingAll
Mr C WattsChristopherWattsCaretakerCaretakerCaretakersAll
Mr I ReevesIanReevesCaretakerCaretakerCaretakersAll
Mrs D GreenDonnaGreenLead Midday SupervisorMidday AssistantMidday AssistantsAll
Mrs S CockleSusanCockleLead Midday AssistantMidday AssistantMidday AssistantsAll
Mrs T AktharTasminaAktharMidday AssistantMidday AssistantMidday AssistantsAll
Miss E BergmanEmilyBergmanMidday AssistantMidday AssistantMidday AssistantsAll
Miss C DiebeliusCharleneDiebeliusMidday AssistantMidday AssistantMidday AssistantsAll
Mrs D FurnessDonnaFurnessMidday AssistantMidday AssistantMidday AssistantsAll
Miss G HarrisGeorgiaHarrisMidday AssistantMidday AssistantMidday AssistantsAll
Mrs T HughesTaniaHughesMidday AssistantMidday AssistantMidday AssistantAll
Miss J MullalyJustineMullalyMidday Assistant, Breakfast Club AssistantMidday AssistantBreakfast clubAll
Mrs A RuxandaAureila-GeorgianaRuxanda Midday Assistant Midday Assistant Midday Assistant
Mrs L TaylorLindaTaylorMidday Assistant, Breakfast Club AssistantMidday AssistantBreakfast clubAll
Miss A WinfieldAmandaWinfieldMidday AssistantMidday AssistantMidday Assistant
Mrs L ZdravaLeanneZdravaMidday AssistantMidday AssistantMidday AssistantsAll
Mrs D AbayasekaraDayaniAbayasekaraMidday AssistantMidday AssistantMidday AssistantsAll
Miss N BegumNadimaBegumMidday AssistantMidday AssistantMidday AssistantAll
Miss S BegumShabinaBegumMidday AssistantMidday AssistantMidday AssistantsAll
Mrs E BruceEmmaBruceMidday AssistantMidday AssistantMidday AssistantsAll
Mrs P ChanderParveenChanderMidday AssistantMidday AssistantMidday AssistantsAll
Mrs E ConstatinovaEvdochiaConstantinovaMidday AssistantMidday AssistantMidday Assistant
Mrs R GjinajRukijeGjinajCleaner, Midday AssistantMidday AssistantCleanerAll
Mrs A HussainAnguraHussainCleaner, Midday AssistantMidday AssistantCleanerAll
Mrs C LearChristineLearMidday AssistantMidday AssistantMidday AssistantsAll
Mrs E LoweEmmaLoweMidday AssistantMidday AssistantMidday AssistantsAll
Mrs T MehmetiTinaMehmetiCleaner, Midday Assistant, Breakfast Club AssistantMidday AssistantCleanerBreakfast ClubAll
Miss R MilesRosieMilesMidday AssistantMidday AssistantMidday Assistant
Mrs K RobinsonKarenRobinsonCleaner, Midday AssistantMidday AssistantCleanerAll
Miss N TaylorNicholaTaylorMidday AssistantMidday AssistantMidday AssistantsAll
Miss S TilleySarahTilleyCleaner, Midday AssistantMidday AssistantCleanerAll
Mrs V VaniViturieVaniCleaner, Midday Assistant, Breakfast Club AssistantMidday AssistantCleanerBreakfast ClubAll
Miss G WallisGemmaWallisMidday AssistantMidday AssistantMidday AssistantsAll
Miss T WalshamTracyWalshamMidday AssistantMidday AssistantMidday AssistantsAll
Mrs K WijesuriyaKithminiWijesuriyaNursery Midday Assistant, Breakfat Club AssistantMidday AssistantBreakfast ClubAll
Miss T RodacanTerrieRodacanBreakfast Club AssistantBreakfast ClubBreakfast ClubAll
Mrs Z BegumZulaikhaBegumCleanerCleanerCleanerAll
Mrs T MensahThelmaMensahCleanerCleanerCleanerAll
Mr C TimmsChristopherTimmsTeacher Additional StaffAdditional StaffAll
Mrs M BrownMargaretBrownTeacher Additional StaffAdditional StaffAll
Mrs S PickettSianPickettTeacher Additional StaffAdditional StaffAll
Mrs A MehmudAyeshaMehmudTeacher Additional StaffAdditional StaffAll