Term dates

The School Term

Please find below details of the Terms dates for this academic year and next. For more events happening at our school, please go to the full school calendar.

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Autumn 2023

Staff Inset4th September 20235th September 2023
Autumn 16th September 202320th October 2023
Half Term23rd October 202327th October 2023
Autumn 230th October 202321st December 2023
Holiday22nd December 20235th January 2024

Spring 2024

Spring 18th January 202416th February 2024
Half Term19th February 202423rd February 2024
Spring 226th February 202428th March 2024
Holiday2nd April 202412th April 2024

Summer 2024

Summer 115th April 202424th May 2024
Half Term27th May 202431st May 2024
Summer 23rd June 202419th July 2024
Inset Day22nd July 202424th July 2024
Holiday22nd July 202430th August 2024