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Upper Key Stage 2 Curriculum

Help at Home
Encouraging regular reading at home is a great way to help your children access the Key Stage 2 curriculum. Our children are encouraged to take at least 1 AR test each week, and aim to achieve a minimum overall percentage of 85%. You can help your child to achieve this by listening to them read, asking them questions on the book or asking them to explain the plot and characters to you.

Practising the times tables up to 12x12 will support your child in maths. The order the times tables are taught in is: x10, x2, x5, x3, x4, x9, x6, x8, x7, x11, x12. Also learning the inverse division calculations at the same time w
ill help your child with developing an understanding of the relationship between the operations and help to develop their mental maths strategies. Continue to talk about time in relation to 12 hour and 24 hour clocks (digital and analogue clocks) and other measures (length, weight, capacity) with your children. In Year 6, children will start to look at more abstract maths including algebra, please encourage your child to share what they have been doing in class as talking about and explaining their tasks and activities can help them to remember what they have learned.