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What happens when my child leaves the school or moves to a different class?

We recognise that transitions can be difficult for some children and we take steps to ensure that this is as smooth a process as possible.

When moving classes in school:

  • At the end of the summer term the current and new class teacher meet in order to share all relevant information.
  • The class are introduced to, and spend some time with, their new teacher.
  • Transition meetings are held in the summer term for parents of:
    • Reception children who will be moving into Y1;
    • Nursery children who will be moving into reception.

If moving to another school:
  • We contact the SENDCo at the new school to share relevant information and organise any meetings or visits that are needed.

If arriving from another school:
  • Visits and plans will be put in place depending on the needs of your child.

  • In Year 6:
    • The school works closely with the Secondary schools and follows the borough procedures for transfers.
    • In addition secondary schools are invited to the final review of SEND children.
    • At this review any extra support that children may need to help them with the move to secondary school can be put in place.