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What other types of support are available for children at Roding?

Strategies and provision to promote the well-being of all children, including those with SEND:

  • In–class Teaching Assistant support directed by Class Teacher as required to work with vulnerable or anxious pupils.
  • Site specific Every Child Matters (ECM) Coordinator who works closely with parents and children to ensure that children are safe and happy in school.
  • Thrive Practioners who support children with behaviour and/or other difficulties.
  • The PSHE curriculum and adaptations to it – some of which are tailor made activities to help children with issues such as anger management/handling conflict etc.
  • CAMHS referral – Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service
  • Links with The Sycamore Trust (support parents and children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder).
  • Pre-visits for new children to the school with parents (led by ECM).
  • Time Out and Quiet Areas in the playgrounds.
  • Friendship Stops in the playgrounds.
  • Individual Behaviour Plans
  • One–to–one behaviour support from a designated adult.
  • There is an Anti-bullying coordinator who:
    • Monitors incidents of bullying
    • Ensures the school has strategies in place to lessen incidents of bullying
    • Works with children who have bullied others
    • Works with children who identify themselves, or who have been identified by staff, as a victim of bullying
    • Works with children who have bullied others
  • Children may be directed to specific in-school clubs or lunchtime activities.
  • If your child has a medical condition, the school nurse writes a Health Care Plan to be followed in school and trains staff on the necessary procedures.
  • Roding is a Thrive school with trained practitioners across both sites. Relevant children will receive a Thrive assessment and a targeted programme of support. Additional information on Thrive can be found in the Thrive section of the website.