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What support is there for parents and how can I support my child?

Some children will receive a home visit before they start nursery or reception. School staff will discuss any needs your child has and ways to help their children. Children who join the school at a later date are given a school visit and meet with the ECM (every child matters coordinator) for the relevant site. At this meeting any relevant information will be passed on.

Regular meetings with teachers and parents are arranged throughout the year where progress and ways you can help your child at home will be discussed.

Each year various events are held in school to inform parents about ways to help their children and how we teach certain subjects. Relevant year groups will be informed and such events will be published on the web site.

The school website outlines the work covered each term and ways parents can reinforce this (Roding review). The school blog also has activities linked to current work. (This can be accessed from the home page of the school website.)

The SENDCos are available to discuss any concerns that you may have.

The ECM coordinators have information about local support agencies and can advise/ help you contact them or make a referral.

Details of the local organisations who offer support and advice to parents of children with special needs and disabilities can be found in the local offer on the borough website – see link below.