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Our staff list is updated at the beginning of each academic year. 


  Hewett Road Site Cannington  Road Site

Mrs Dunmow

Mr Robbins

Deputy Head

Miss McKay

Mr Ley
EYFS Assistant Head - Mrs Brissett
EYFS - Nursery

Mrs Brissett

Mrs Irwin, Miss Basibo-Odoru

Mrs Maulkerson

Ms Cornell, Mrs Taylor, Mrs Smith

EYFS - Reception

Miss Jones, Miss Seaman, Mrs Mortimore

Miss Gladden, Mrs Butler,

Mrs Dowd, Mrs Irwin

Mrs Shuker, Mrs Brown, Mrs Alcala Medina, Miss Elsey, Miss Collins, Miss Terrey

Mrs Awumey, Miss Camden, Mrs Lydon,

Mrs O'Reilly

Key Stage 1 Assistant Head - Mr Chase
Year 1

Mr Wallace, Miss Jones

Mrs Green, Mrs Dobson,

Miss Moir

Miss Barrett, Miss Sifflet, Miss Panayiotou, Miss Murphy, Mrs Alcala Medina

Miss Scott, Miss Earney, Mrs Agossa- Lawson,

Mrs Woon, Miss Appleby, Ms Meneses

Year 2

Miss Logan, Miss Burg

Mrs Hickson

Mrs Green, Miss Williams, Miss Collier,

Miss Copperthwaite, Mr Chase, Miss Porter

Mrs Alugulesei, Mrs Barthram, Mrs Amusat, Mrs Hoadley, Miss Parkes,

Lower Key Stage 2 Assistant Head - Miss Sampson
Year 3

Miss Ducker, Miss Steven

Miss Middleton, Mrs Beckley, Mrs Yordanova, Mrs Dedja

Ms Naheed, Mrs Alcala Medina, Mrs Watkins, Mr Timms, Mrs Regan, Mrs Gibbons

Mrs Taylor, Mrs Fitzerman, Mrs Skinner, 

Mrs Alugulesei

Year 4

Mr Maguire, Miss Fawcett, Miss Sampson

Mrs Yordanova,

Miss Etherden, Miss Blake, Miss Cockle, Miss McGrath, Ms Welch,

Miss Firth, Mrs Udeke, Mrs Weller

Upper Key Stage 2 Assistant Head - Mrs Geary
Year 5

Miss Baker, Mrs Kasiram

Ms Williams, Mrs Boundy

Mr Etherden, Miss Wood,

Miss Green, Mr Warmington

Miss Haynes,  Mrs Malone, Mrs Earney

Year 6

Miss Hayes, Miss Barthos, Mrs Lager, Mrs Curran

Ms, Williams, Mrs Boundy

Mr Cleworth, Mr Hitchcock,  Ms Gooding

Miss Wickenden

Miss Sava, Mrs Sampson, Mrs Earney, Mrs Donovan

Leadership Support Officer (COVID) - Mr Oldershaw

Inclusion Lead - Mrs Jimenez, Inclusion Teacher - Mrs Buckley

Float Teachers - Mrs Lager, Mrs Buckley, Mrs Khan, Mrs Curran, Miss Moffat, Mrs Pickett, Mrs Ozinel

Every Child Matters Miss Roberts Mrs Caden
Learning Mentors Mrs Graves Mrs Grant, Mrs Sullivan
HLTAs Mrs Donovan, Miss Jones Miss Wright, Mrs Small, Mrs Nyarko, Mrs Binning, Mrs Hussain
Support Staff Mr Lockton (Network Manager), Mr Hassan (Technician), Mrs Matthews (Speech Therapy Assistant), Mrs Humphrey (Librarian)
Business Manager - Mrs Elsey, Office Manager Mrs Baker, Financial Assistant Mrs Thomson
Office Staff Mrs Coffey, Mrs Aldridge Mrs Hithersay, Miss Collyer, Miss Higgins
Midday Assistants Mrs Aldridge (i/c), Mrs Ahmed, Mrs P Begum, Mrs R Begum, Miss Carson, Ms Charlick, Miss Diebelius, Miss Furness, Mrs Huckfield, Miss Lanza, Mrs Mensah, Miss Middleton, Miss Starbrook, Miss Thompson, Miss Lanza, Mrs Yordanova, Mrs Cockle Mrs Earney, Miss Allen, Mrs Begum, Mrs Benfell, Mrs Bryant, Mrs Brown-Muqolli, Mrs Carson, Mrs Chander, Mrs Clark, Mrs Clarke, Mrs Donnellan, Mrs Farquhar, Mrs Gilbert, Mrs Gjinaj, Mrs Hussain, Mrs Knight, Mrs Lear, Mrs Mehmeti, Ms Meneses, Mrs Robinson, Mrs Sandu, Mrs Taylor, Miss Taylor, Miss Tilley, Mrs Vani, Miss Walsham, Mrs Wijesuriya, Mrs Woon
Breakfast Club Miss Middleton, Mrs Robinson Miss Appleby, Miss Camden, Miss Porter, Miss Rodacan, Mrs Woon
Caretakers Mr Morris Mr Watts
Cleaners Mrs Gjinaj, Mrs Mehmeti, Mrs Vani. Mrs Begum, Mrs Camden, Mrs Hussain, Mrs Mensah, Mrs Robinson, Miss Tilley