As a Thrive school, we are dedicated to the wellbeing and mental health of our children, staff, parents and to the wider community in which we live and learn.
With this in mind, we have committed to achieving a Wellbeing Award for Schools and this pledge emphasises the importance to us, of wellbeing in our school community.

This year, all year groups have completed a unit of work around ‘The Colour Monster’ enabling children to feel confident when discussing their emotions.  The displays within each classroom, provide children with the vocabulary they might need when talking about their feelings.

The children are aware that we are all susceptible to negative feelings at various points in our lives and that it’s knowing this, and having strategies to deal with them, such as sharing a safe, accepting forum to discuss these emotions, that leads to developing a positive wellbeing.

As professional educators, we are aware that in order for children to learn, they have to be in the best possible frame of mind.  We know the barriers that can occur for our children and have a range of strategies and resources available to us in order to support them.

We have systems in place to check-in with the children at various points throughout the day and resolve minor issues as an when they arise, empowering our children to learn and grow together. If you or your child needs further support, please click on the links below to take you to external websites for further support.

Wellbeing Links


Links for Parents

  • Step Change

  • Shine London

  • Dagenham Foodbank

  • Anna Freud

  • NHS

  • Samaritans

  • Mind

  • Minded for Families

  • Place 2 Be

Links for Children

  • Child Line

  • Young Minds

  • Give us a Shout

  • Mind

Links for Staff

  • NHS

  • Work Place Options

  • Samaritans

  • Mind

Wellbeing Newsletters

  • Wellbeing Newsletter 1

  • Wellbeing Newsletter 3

  • Wellbeing Newsletter 2

Wellbeing Survey


Thank you to the families who responded to our recent wellbeing survey. We truly appreciate your feedback and are always keen to enhance and develop our wellbeing provision. Please see some of the responses below. As a reminder, please note that you can always make contact with a member of staff if you have any queries or concerns regarding your child’s wellbeing or the wellbeing of a family member.

Some named members of staff include:

Cannington Site- Mrs Watkins, Mrs O’Sullivan, Mrs Grant, Miss Alungulesei and Mrs Caden.

Hewett Site- Miss Naheed, Mrs Donovan and Mrs Roberts.

Cross Site- Mrs Graves and Mrs Geary.

Kindness Squad


We are a lovable bunch of trusted children who always go out of our way to make sure our friends are happy and well supported in the playground.  We make it our mission to find children who look lonely or unhappy and see what we can do to make playtime better for them.  We don’t only support the children in school though, we are always looking for ways to give a kindness boost to our teachers and adults.  We meet each week and share some of our kindest deeds and give ideas to the other Kindness Ambassadors so that they can sprinkle some kindness magic all around the school.

Our motto: You can be anything you want to be, so be KIND!