Metropolitan Police Visit and Assembly

Children had a visit from members of the Metropolitan police to talk about how to stay safe.

Children in Key Stage 1 and Years 3 and 4 had the opportunity to discuss staying safe whilst they are out, and what they should do if they become separated from an adult that they are with. Children in Years 5 and 6 had a discussion about staying safe online and what their responsibilities are when using social media.  Part of this discussion included a reminder that the age requirement for most social media apps is 13 years and above, as well as being reminded that the age of criminal responsibility in England and Wales is 10 years old.

Children were also made aware that the borough has a junior cadets programme which allows children to take part in volunteering events and activities.  Details of these can be found at the following website:


Volunteer police cadets | Activities and events | Metropolitan Police

Football Finals

On Monday 15th May the year six boys at the Hewett road site secured a place in the football finals.  It was an exciting game from start to finish with the boys securing a victory against Hunters Hall School. The final score was 6 3.

Usman scored a hat trick, Daniel, Ted and Habeeb all scored a goal each. It was a fantastic performance from the boys who displayed all of our Roding School Values.

King Charles III Coronation

In preparation for the King Charles III’s coronation, children across both of our sites have dressed in the colours of the Union Jack flag to celebrate this historic occasion.  As well as this, our school has been decorated with bunting and pictures of King Charles III.  The children really enjoyed learning about the role of the monarchy in modern Britain throughout this week’s assemblies.

As well as enjoying these pictures, we would like to wish everybody a very happy bank holiday.

The Halo Code

Roding Primary School is proud to have adopted the Halo Code as part of our journey to celebrate diversity and respect inclusivity.  The Halo Code, which is the UK’s first black hair code, states that we champion the rights of staff and students to embrace all afro-hairstyles.

We are proud to be amongst many other schools, colleges, universities and organizations that have pledged to join the code.